Whether your lingerie is in lace, satin or tulle, it is delicate and precious. Look after it well in order to get the best wear from it for a very long time.
Here is some simple care advice that is easy to follow!

Machine wash: Yes, you can! But please follow our advice for the best results:
  • Don’t say that you mixed your whites and your colors?! You didn’t? You were right not to – you will have brighter colors for longer.
  • Now that your colors are sorted through, place your lingerie in your washing bag, to avoid it getting caught on other clothing. You don’t have a special washing bag? Don’t worry, all you need is a pillow case! It is easy to forget, but remember to attach the hooks of your bras. This will avoid snagging on delicate fabrics such as lace.
  • For your washing powder or liquid, choose products that are specifically made for delicates and don’t add softener.
    Softener can remain in the fibers of your products and reduce their elasticity.
  • Choose a cold water, delicate, low-spin cycle on your washing machine.
  • When drying your lingerie, dry it flat. No tumble drying of course!
Hand washing: the recommended wash
If you have the time and have chosen to hand-wash your lingerie, don’t start washing your delicates without having first read our advice:
  • A few minutes in cold water and then take it out to avoid the fibers becoming damaged or softened.
  • When removing water, don’t twist your lingerie, press it gently so that it keeps it’s elasticity.
  • Use a delicate soap and wash gently without scrubbing.
  • Choose to air-dry your lingerie, always drying it flat. 
  • If you wash molded cups, don’t fold them as this will damage their shape.
  • Avoid using bleaching products, instead of becoming whiter, your lingerie may become yellow!



  • Hand wash in warm soapy water after each use  
  • Do not leave to soak for long periods in order to preserve your swimsuit 
  • Do not wring to avoid breaking the fibers
  • No dry cleaning. Do not iron 
  • Allow your swimsuit to drip dry in the shade; exposure to strong sunlight can fade colors 
  • Store your swimsuit in your SP swim pouch